Our raw materials of PP (polypropylene) and PVC (polyvinyl chloride) meet the highest demands. Hewitech processes several 10,000 tons of plastic granules annually and therefore is a significant purchaser with substantial market influence.

Our raw materials are purchased internationally and are selected and tested with the utmost care by our quality management system DIN EN ISO 9001 before further processing takes place on our modern injection moulding or extrusion systems. This ensures a consistently high quality of our products.


New materials

Certified new materials with material certification are processed for high-quality applications such as in the field of chemical exchange or on special request.

Biodegradable products which are completely environmentally friendly are made from potato starch or corn. They are used in lakes, ponds or the oceans for shellfish or plant settlement and serve as so-called eco-habitats for small marine life.


Applications with high load capacities - such as for rainwater infiltration systems or modern trickle filter systems - are mixed with high-quality materials and special colors or property-improving additives under exact quality specifications and processed precisely.

Our material

Re-granules, mill materials and ´NT` types

Under certain conditions, we also process carefully tested raw materials which have been reprocessed such as re-granules, mill materials and so-called "1B" types

Special tests of these raw materials are basic prerequisites for our processing system and these are carried out by external institutes on a regular basis.

High-grade granules

In-house raw materials matrix

For each application, we can add special additives to our specially developed raw material matrix. As a result of this, we have complete control of the material property which enables permanent improvement to the characteristics of the fills.

This includes:

  • Stabilizers
  • High-temperature additives
  • Flame retardant additives for country-specific specifications
  • Anti-microbial additives (e.g., against Legionella or other bacteria)
  • UV stabilizers

Our Suppliers

Raw materials are subject to the highest demands

We secure our raw material purchases through extensive framework contracts with major European manufacturers and obtain re-granules or mill materials from long-standing, trusted supply sources and therefore can guarantee the price/performance ratio of our products over a longer term


  • Trickle grids NC
  • Trickle grids VC
  • Cellular fills CF
  • Crossflow components
  • Drift eliminators
  • Cooling tower sprayer

Rain water

  • VARIO Box Series
  • CONTROL Box Series
  • Drainage Components
  • Sport Base
  • TREE-Boxes
  • Filter Cassettes


  • Dust extraction
  • Exhaust air purification
  • Curtain components
  • Trickle fill series