Cooling components in a variety of designs
Sustainable cooling efficiency

Components for cooling towers

Hewitech is capable of all wet cooling processes and offers a wide range of products, i.e. in counter-flow and cross-flow processes. Our experienced team will support you to enable you to meet your requirements in terms of operating costs, a long service life with maximum performance expectations and, finally, a conscious resource management.


We develop and produce high-performance cooling tower fill and drift eliminator products for a sustainable performance in cooling tower application.

Beside that we offer special solutions with our full design range of cooling components or design on request new products.



  • Trickle grids NC
  • Trickle grids VC
  • Cellular fills CF
  • Crossflow components
  • Drift eliminators
  • Cooling tower sprayer

Rain water

  • VARIO Box Series
  • CONTROL Box Series
  • Drainage Components
  • Sport Base
  • TREE-Boxes
  • Filter Cassettes

Water purification

  • Cellular fills
  • Trickling filters
  • Manhole systems
  • Lamella separators
  • Sub construction
  • Distribution systems


  • Dust extraction
  • Exhaust air purification
  • Curtain components
  • Trickle fill series