Potable water treatment plant Huron, Ohio, USA (2022)

Delivery of HEWiTUBE LS50 Lamella modules

Wastewater treatment LeMans, France, (2022)

Delivery of HEWiTUBE modules

Stormwater treatment Fressnitzbach, Austria (2022)

Treatment of Highway-Stormwater-runoff, HEWiTUBE LS50 in special frames for lifting

Trickling Filter Ladismith, South Africa, D28m x H2,1m (2022)

Replacement of stone media with plastic media

Trickling Filter Aldo, Colombia, D30m x H6m (2022)

Delivery of loose sheets for on-site assembly

Trickling Filter Wachenheim, Germany, D8m x H6m (2022)

1 Roughing filter, New media VF23

Sägewerk Dold, Südschwarzwald, Germany | 2021

Rectangular heavy-duty trickling filter (timber industry) with carriage for water supply and flushing


Fixed bed system with HEWiFILL VF23 in lifting cages and lamella clarifier type HEWiTUBE LS50 with support construction

Tannersville, NY, USA | 2021

Hewitube LS50 (NSF), 2 settling tanks 4,5m x 4,5m with support construction and spillway baffle

Wastewater treatment for Pulp & Paper production, Germany, 2021

HEWiTUBE LS50, Rehabilitation of lamella internals in a settling tank 17m x 18m

Hohenfels, Germany | 2020

strom sewage treatment , Hewitube LS84 with 2m module height, preassembled for installation in circular tank

Clarksburg, USA | 2020

4 settling tanks à 16,7m x 8m with support construction and spillway baffle

SOC TRAN CITY, Vietnam | 2020

2 trickling filters, diameter 24,2 m, ~ 2x 2530 m³ fill folume

Nhlangano, Swaziland | 2019

4 x trickling filter, diameter 20m, ~ 4000 m³ media volume

Menagwins, South-West-Water UK | 2019

1 trickling filter, diameter 35m ~ 4700 m³ media volume

Water purification plant Ingolstadt, Germany | 2015 - 2016

3 Trickling filter, each 3500 m³
Zweckverband Zentralkläranlage Ingolstadt
Am Mailinger Moos 145
85055 Ingolstadt

Water purification plant, Lauben, Germany | 2008

Abwasserverband Kempten (Allgäu)
Griesösch 1, 87493 Lauben

Installation of structured fill media for water treatment and discharged air treatment of project GKW Kempten


KA Öhringen

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