VFC-20 Vertical flat film fill

Standard dimensions:

2.400 x 300 x 510 (Length Width Height)  Different dimensions are available upon request

Channel opening:

20 mm 

Effective surface area:

125 m²/m³

Channel structure:

Vertical, flat


Polypropylen (PP), Polyvinylchlorid (PVC)

Operating temperatures:

PP < 75° C - constant - , max 80° C - short term - (measured water discharge at the distribution pipe )

Free volume:

> 97 %

Flammability rating:

ASTM E 84, UL 94, DIN 4102-B2


High-performance trickle fill installations are characterised by their high mechanical strength.

This strength is determined by two special factors, on the one hand by the mechanical and extremely stable connection technology and on the other hand by the specially structured fill design.

The VFC-20 circular fill can be produced in almost any strength class up to 40 kg / m³, so that, depending on the customer's requirements, the optimum design is available to suit the application. Particular attention is paid to environmental compatibility (solvent-free), simple and stable processing through our own welding technology as well as adhering to every fire protection requirement.

The welding machines which we developed enable us to process fills which are suitable for permanent use as well as on construction site production.

Due to the optimised fill design with a free volume > 97%, these fills can be used for slightly contaminated water qualities as well as highly contaminated water qualities.




    <li><strong>High flexibility according to installation situation</strong><br />
    Variable dimensions and different strength classes<br />
    <li><strong>Optimised heat and mass transfer</strong><br />
    Large effective surfaces and therefore high efficiency<br />
    <li><strong>High mechanical stability and high load bearing capacity.</strong><br />
    Stable connection points and wall strengths ensure accessibility<br />
    <li><strong>High durability</strong><br />
    Use of age-resistant, effective materials<br />
    <li><strong>Complies with the highest fire protection regulations</strong><br />
    Own formula using highly effective additives</li>


  • Высокоэффективные сеточные оросители NC
  • Высокоэффективные сеточные оросители VC
  • Пленочные оросители CF
  • Ороситель  с перекрёстным потоком
  • Каплеуловитель
  • Сопла для градирен

Дождевая вода

  • Серия VARIO-Box
  • Серия CONTROL-Box
  • Элементы дренажа
  • Спортивные покрытия
  • Бокс для защиты корневых систем TREE-Box
  • Фильровальные кассеты

Очистка воды

  • Пленочные очистные загрузки
  • Биологические фильтры
  • Очистные шахты
  • Пластинчатый очиститель
  • Стальные конструкции опор
  • Системы водораспределения

Аграрное хозяйство

  • Серия COOLPAD
  • пылеотделение
  • Очистка отработанного воздуха
  • Элементы затемнения
  • Серия биологически разлагаемых сеток