Filter boxes

Standard dimensions:

800 x 600 x 150(Length Width Height)

Free volume:

> 95 %


36 Liter

Load class:

ca. 50t/m²


Polypropylen (PP)


Rain water treatment - area unsealing - directly accessible

High flexibility due to modular design. It is possible to discharge of rainwater into the soil directly - when using the approved fills. In addition, 99% of heavy metal emissions and 98% of road salt are retained creating a fixed-optimised green zone.

Water innovation made in Germany


  • Applied to animate a soil area
    With the approved fill
  • Directly accessible
    Optimised stability with the lowest possible weight
  • No additional space requirement
    Installed directly below the surface
  • Complies with the requirements ATV-DVWK-A138 / DWA-M153
    For trough construction
  • Creates habitat and improves the climate
  • Variable heights according to the application
    10 cm, 20 cm, 30 cm


  • Grilles haute performance NC
  • Grilles haute performance VC
  • Corps de remplissage pour films CF
  • Composants d’installation à flux croisé
  • Séparateur de gouttes
  • Pulvérisateur pour tour de refroidissement

Eau de pluie

  • Série VARIO-Box
  • Série CONTROL-Box
  • Éléments de drainage
  • Sol à usage sportif
  • TREE-Box
  • Cartouches filtrantes

Purification de l’eau

  • Corps de remplissage pour films
  • Lits bactériens
  • Regard de curage
  • Clarificateur lamellaire
  • Ossatures porteuses
  • Systèmes de distribution d'eau

Culture agricole

  • Série COOLPAD
  • Elimination de poussière
  • Purification de l’air vicié
  • Éléments d'occultation
  • Série bio-grille