VARIOBOX® 170 mm tunnel

Standard dimensions:

600 x 600 x 100-600 (Length Width Height) 

Free volume:

> 95 %


36 - 218 Liter

Load class:

up to SLW 60 is possible


Polypropylen (PP)


Our VARIOBOXES are well suited for under-surface drainage constructions due to their very high mechanical strength.

Due to its modular design, the integrated tunnel of the VARIOBOX system can be easily combined with one another. The VARIOBOX system, as a modular system, allows the height to be adjusted and offers various tunnel openings from 170 to 500 mm in diameter which makes it easy to comprehend and simple to install in the excavated drainage trenches by hand.




  • High flexibility according to installation situation
    Variable dimensions and different strength classes
  • High mechanical stability and high load bearing capacity
    Stable connection points and wall strengths
  • High durability
    Use of age-resistant, effective materials
  • Complies with all construction standards
    Tested and certified in accordance with DIBt


  • Grades de gotejamento NC
  • Grades de gotejamento VC
  • Enchimentos celulares CF
  • Componentes de fluxo cruzado
  • Eliminadores de gotas
  • Bicos pulverizadores de torre de resfriamento

Água da chuva

  • Série caixas VARIO
  • Série caixas CONTROL
  • Componentes de drenagem
  • Bases Esportivas
  • Caixas TREE
  • Filtros de cassete


  • Extração de poeira
  • Purificação de ar de exaustão
  • Componentes de cortina de enchimento