Standard dimensions:

650 x 300 (Length, Height)  Different dimensions are available upon request

Air flow:

680 mm

Channel structure:

Vertical straight


Polypropylen (PP)

Operating temperatures:

< 75° C - constant - , max 80° C - short term - (measured water discharge at the distribution pipe )

Free volume:

> 97 %

Flammability rating:

ASTM E 84, UL 94, DIN 4102-B2


High-performance trickle grids are highly effective drip catchers and can be adapted to the respective installation conditions.

This strength is determined by two special factors - on the one hand by the mechanical joining technique of the individual grids and the specially developed material composition of the single  grid mats.

Particular attention is paid to environmental compatibility (solvent-free), simple and fast mechanical processing by means of patented assembly technology.

In addition, every local fire protection requirement is strictly adhered to.

The open grid structure with free volume> 97% makes SPLASH boxes suitable for moderate to highly polluted water qualities and they are used in particular for crossflow cooling tower applications.



  • High flexibility according to installation situation
    Variable dimensions and different strength classes
  • Optimised heat and mass transfer
    Open cross structure generates high turbulence and consequently performance
  • High durability
    Use of age-resistant, effective materials
  • Complies with the highest fire protection regulations
    Own formulas with use of highly effective additives


  • Modulární rozstřiková výplň NC
  • Modulární rozstřiková výplň VC
  • Výplně typu FILM
  • Křížoproudé aplikace
  • Eliminátory kapek
  • Trysky


  • Série VARIO Box
  • Série CONTROL Box
  • Odvodňění
  • Odvodnění sportovní povrchy
  • Kořenové boxy
  • Zasakovací boxy


  • Produkty COOLPAD
  • Odprášení
  • Čištění odpadního vzduchu
  • Clony
  • Skrápěné filtry