NB 25 Trickle grid

Standard dimensions:

480 x 600 x 445 mm (Length Width Height)  Different dimensions are available upon request

Channel opening:

2 x 25 (simple wave height 25 mm)

Effective surface area:

~100 m²/m³

Channel structure



Polypropylene (PP) oder High-Desity Polyethylen (HDPE) 

Operating temperatures:

< 75° C - constant - , max 80° C - short term - (measured water discharge at the distribution pipe )

Free volume:

> 97 %

Flammability rating:

ASTM E 84, UL 94, DIN 4102-B2


High-performance trickle fill installations allow a completely new way of thinking about the design of film installations. The plastic is used only where it really makes sense - not a water-scarce areas - also a water film which flows around both sides - combined with droplet cleansing and thus the highest cooling interface.

High thermal performance (through water film formation) at the lowest pressure loss (less than vertical offset channel).The material thickness of 1.5-2 mm is many times higher than fill inserts.

The NB 25 product design offers a stability class. Particular attention is paid to environmental compatibility (solvent-free), simple and rapid processing (mechanical) by means of stable assembly technology as well as adhering to every fire protection requirement.

Due to the open vertical grid structure with free volume of > 97%, these trickle fill installations are particularly suitable for highly contaminated as well as highly polluted water quality. Areas of application are cooling towers, agricultural and exhaust air applications.

Please contact us for the right type selection.




  • High flexibility according to installation situation
    Variable dimensions
  • Very low tendency to blockage
    open vertical structure
  • High mechanical stability and high load bearing capacity.
    Permanent connection points and wall strengths ensure accessibility
  • High durability
    Use of age-resistant, effective materials
  • Complies with the highest fire protection regulations
    Own formula using highly effective additives


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