LS 50 Lamella Clarifier

Standard dimensions:

Length (mm)

300 - 1500


Width (mm)

300 - 1500


Height (mm)

500 - 2000

Channel :

Equidistant chevron


Specific surface area:

~11 m2/m3 (60°)

~13 m2/m3 (55°)



45°-90° STD 55°/60°



Polypropylen (PP)

Standard application - black

Potable water application - blue


Operating temperatures:

< 75° C - constant 


Free volume:

> 97 %


Potable Water Regulations:

on request



<p><em><strong>HEWi</strong><strong><sup>Tube</sup></strong> modules equalize the flow and facilitates the phase separation of particles, flocs or sludge.</em></p>

<p>Depending on the task, we provide designs with different angles, lamella spacings and chevron types for a controlled pathway of down-sliding sludge.</p>

<p><em><strong>HEWi</strong><strong><sup>Tube</sup></strong> modules are customized to fit into round or rectangular tanks. The modules are made of rigid Polypropylene and can be placed directly into the tank sitting on a supporting structure </em></p>

<p><em>Hewitech also provides additional customized package components such as support structure and <strong>HEWi</strong><strong><sup>Tube</sup></strong> effluent launders for the best benefit of our customers.</em></p>

<p>For remote projects we offer a local self-assembly option in order to reduce logistics and labor cost.</p>

<p class="Body">Please contact us for the right type selection.</p>





  • High flexibility according to installation situation
    Variable dimensions and different strength classes
  • Optimised sedimentation cased by Chevron design
    Large effective surfaces and therefore high efficiency
  • High mechanical stability and high load bearing capacity.
    Stable connection points and wall strengths ensure accessibility
  • High durability
    Use of age-resistant, effective materials
  • Complies with the highest potable water regulations
    Own formula using highly effective additives


  • Modulární rozstřiková výplň NC
  • Modulární rozstřiková výplň VC
  • Výplně typu FILM
  • Křížoproudé aplikace
  • Eliminátory kapek
  • Trysky


  • Série VARIO Box
  • Série CONTROL Box
  • Odvodňění
  • Odvodnění sportovní povrchy
  • Kořenové boxy
  • Zasakovací boxy


  • Produkty COOLPAD
  • Odprášení
  • Čištění odpadního vzduchu
  • Clony
  • Skrápěné filtry